Sliding Gate or Swing Gate?

There are several different gates to choose from and the most suitable type of gate for your property depends on the space that you have and your needs for entry.

You may be looking for an automatic remote-control gate that swings outwards or inwards. If you do not have room for swinging gates, a sliding gate or cantilever gate might be more suitable for your driveway. All Custom Built Fences gates can be installed with an automatic electric motor or made to manually open. Our gates can be made from steel, Colourbond, aluminium, and steel frame with timber slats and can be installed to suit brick pillars, steel posts, aluminium posts, or timber posts.

Customers have installed a Custom Built Fence at their:

  • Domestic House
  • Unit blocks
  • Retirement villages
  • Commercial Property
  • Industrial estate
  • School

Below are the types of gates that Custom Built Fences can make for you:

  • Sliding Gate
  • Swing Gate
  • Cantilever Gate


Sliding Gate

Sliding gates are suitable for small driveway spaces, without protruding into footpaths or your garden. Suitable for down or up-sloping properties. Your Sliding gate can be designed to slide in behind your garden, by clearing a section behind an established garden for the gate to slide in behind your plants.


Swing Gate

Swing Gates are suitable for properties with larger areas. Whether you prefer your gate to sing outwards or inwards, Custom Built Fences will ensure that your Gate will swing in the best direction for the area. A sliding gate has wheels that run along a track which guide the gate smoothly and efficiently.


Cantilever Gate

Cantilever Gates are trackless, making them particularly suited to uneven surfaces, wide driveways, or a situation where a track is not preferred. A Cantilever gate is a heavy-duty sliding gate that runs on a cantilever system. Cantilever gates are suitable for residential, Industrial, or Commercial properties that require security.


If you would like to speak to our team at Custom Built Fences to find out what is the most suitable type of gate for your property, please call (03) 9874 5102 or email