Custom combination wall fences are a terrific way to make a statement at the front of your home. Adding character to your home as well as adding security and privacy to your yard. At CBF we can design, build, and install a superior brick-based wall fence that is built to last. Made to be the perfect combination of form and function, our Custom combination wall fences can improve the look and security of your property. Available in several colours and styles, this type of fence can add prestige and style to your home or business. The team at CBF can source the right brick for your combination brick wall to match your house or colour theme.

The Benefits of a Combination Brick Wall Fence:
  • Security and privacy in your yard.
  • Complete block out.
  • Strength and durability.
  • Superior brick base with strong footings.
  • Combination of colours and
    materials for extra character.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Combination of functions.
Custom Built Fence Combination Brick Wall 300x186

Combination brick wall fence is full of character and charm and a terrific way to frame your property. To get an idea of what style combination fence you can add to your property, visit our Gallery. To arrange an appointment for a no-obligation quote Contact Us through our website or call us on (03) 9874 5102.