Custom aluminium screens are an affordable option for creating privacy or adding modern style to an area. Aluminium screens are ideal to hide unsightly areas. They can be used to conceal areas where you store your rubbish bins or air conditioning units. Or perhaps you want to enhance your privacy, and block out unwanted attention from neighbours to your patios or spa/pool areas. An aluminium screen is an excellent way to heighten the security of your property making them perfect for backyards and outdoor entertaining areas. Aluminium screens are sturdy, with little to no maintenance required, and are not prone to crack or splitting compared to wooden slat screens. 

Benefits of Custom Aluminium Screens:
  • Privacy.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Hides unsightly areas.
  • Blocks out unwanted attention.
  • Creates a boundary.
  • Not prone to cracking or splitting like wooden screens.  
  • Affordable stylish option.

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