Enhance your security and your school’s appearance.

Strong school fencing means that the security of your school is enhanced to the best capabilities. With clear surveillance of anyone entering or leaving the school grounds, creating a safe learning environment for the students. It also secures children to keep them safe from wandering off the school grounds and protects them from unwanted trespassers.

A high-quality, well-constructed school fence is crucial to any school. A custom security fence will add an element of pride and improve the image of the school from the street. Ensuring that the appearance of the school is of a high standard to the wider community.

Choosing your school fencing

Choosing the right materials and design will go a long way to adding value to the school and the school grounds. That’s where the team at CBF can help you find the perfect fence for your school’s needs. 

It is one thing to have an aesthetically pleasing school fence, but it can also be a strong deterrent to unruly behaviour. By using the right materials, school fencing can be resistant to forced entry and even graffiti.

A durable and weather-resistant fence can be a long-term asset for the school. Requiring less maintenance and with the right design aspects, you can avoid the look of an institutionalised style fence.

The Benefits of a Custom Built School Fence:
  • Security for students and staff.
  • Reducing vandalism.
  • Preventing trespassers.
  • Reducing the risk of arson, breaking,
    entering, and theft.
  • Resistance to climbing or getting under
    the fence (dogs and other animals).
  • Improves the appearance of the school
    from the street.
  • Can provide a source of pride to the school.
  • Can encourage new enrolments.
  • Confidence for the families for the
    safety of their children.
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CBF is a trusted local business, that can help you design and install the school fence and gate that your school envisions. To view what style of fence and gates are available, visit our Gallery. To arrange an appointment for a no-obligation quote Contact Us through our website or call us on (03) 9874 5102.