Frequently Asked Questions


Rendered Pillars with Aluminium infill panels designed and built by Custom Built Fences

We have a number of Custom Built Fences frequently asked questions from customers, so to help answer your questions we have a number of questions and answers for you below:


Do I need to get permission from my neighbour to build my fence?

If it an adjoining boundary fence them, you will need to discuss this with your neighbour as you are both liable to contribute to equal cost of the fence. But if it is a front fence then you do not need to get permission from your customer but as a courtesy it may be beneficial for you to let your neighbour know that there may be some noise disruptions and/or extra vehicles on the street.


How do I know if I need a permit for my fence?

Check with your council to find out what their regulations are for a fence in your area.
Each council has a different height restriction. Corner blocks have different regulations and different areas may have heritage overload etc. 

Custom Built Fences have our permit department to help you navigate council and government requirements.


Do I need a Registered Builder?

For jobs that cost more than $20,000 you will need to have a builder’s permit, which we can help you obtain and a Registered Insured Builder to complete your project works. Custom Built Fences are a registered builder DB-U 4974 Master Builder Assoc.


Does Custom Built Fences have Insurance?

Yes, Custom Built Fences have Public Liability Insurance for $20 million. 


What areas do you service?

We service the 30km radius of Bayswater, Victoria. If you would like to see if we service your area, please visit the Area we service page.


How much does a fence cost per meter?

We do not have a meterage rate. All our custom fences are quoted individually. All sites have a different fall of the land and the variety of fence styles required different site preparation. Arrange a quote today on our Contact us page and we will come out to your property and take a look at your site to accurately quote on your fence.


Do you do Timber Fences?

We do not install run of the mill paling fences, unless it is part of a larger project. We do design a steel framed fences with wooden slats, using timbers such as spotted gum, merbau, jarrah, cypress, cedar etc.


What fence styles can I choose from?

All our fences are custom designed. To give you an idea of what kind of fences we can do for you check out our Gallery or Products page.


I live near the ocean, what is the best type of fence for my area?

Aluminium fences are a popular choice for seaside locations as they are easy to maintain and corrosion resistant. Galvanised steel fences that have been powder coated also offer another option for your fence. 


What colour can I choose from for my fence?

We can use Interpon or Dulux colours, please discuss with our sales rep if you have a specific colour in mind.


How long does it take for my fence to be made?

The length of time for your fence to be built depends on permit requirements, the material to be used, material availability, size of fence, design of fence. Once we have quoted on your fence, be sure to ask this question to our sales rep.


When will you start to install my fence?

On the occasion when your fence requires a permit, it can delay the process of your fence being built. Each fence can vary in the length of the manufacturing process and the preparation of the site before installation. Our office will give you a frequent update on how your fence is proceeding and what date the install will take place. 


How does a fence add value to your home?

Adding a front fence to your property adds your homes street appeal more impressive as well as adding extra security to your home. You can add value and security to your home making it more appealing to buyers when the time comes to sell.


Why has my fence got a crack in it?

Ground movement can occur when we least expect it. Recently we had a minor earthquake in Victoria that caused slight cracks in peoples fences and houses. Unfortunately, this is an act of nature and out of our control. When we design your fence, we take in consideration the footings required and have the correct amount of expansion joints to absorb movement. 


How can trees near by effect a fence?

Tree roots can cause movement of the foundations of a fence causing it lift up and look unlevel and/or cause damage to a fence. Growing trees around the property and on the nature strip, can causing cracking and make the fence uneven with movement.


How can I clean my fence?

Wash the surface of your fence with warm soapy water, with a non-abrasive detergent. Gently remove any dirt or cobwebs. Alternately spray on soapy water and rinse off with a hose or low-pressure wash. Do not spray water on to anything electrical eg. gate motors or intercoms etc.