Custom Built Fences can design and install a stylish custom modular fencing for your property that will offer a terrific sound barrier and added privacy.

The Wallmark panels are suitable for residential and commercial use and are pre-engineered to withstand wind rating specifications. The fence panels are modular acoustic panels which are perfect as a noise barrier and a privacy boundary or front fence. Highly recommended for busy street properties to reduce road noise or built-up areas to create privacy and can even be used as retaining walls.

 Wallmark walls have a number of benefits:
  • Reflects sound making them quiet
  • It has superb compressive strength to weight ratio.
  • Environmentally friendly, safe and fully recyclable core.
  • Fire resistant which makes it suitable for Bush fire prone areas.
  • Impact resistant surface.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Absorbs minimal water, reducing the possibility of mould and rotting.
  • Smooth finish, making it suitable for rendering or painting.
  • 10-year guarantee against failure. Suitable for the Australian climate.
Modular sound proofing fence designed and built by Custom Built Fences
There are 3 different wall systems CBF
offer from Wallmark which have their own benefits:
  • Evowall are cost effective and hard-wearing system, which is great around saltwater pools and coastal locations. Pre-engineered to 2.4m, with a 10-year structural warranty.
  • Urbanwall delivers a contemporary style fence with pillar style post and cap system with acoustic wall panels to give you privacy and reduces noise. The Pre-engineered walls are designed to withstand the harshest Australian conditions. The Urbanwall can be rendered, sprayed or painted to suit your properties colour theme.
  • Teckniko can add value, privacy and noise reduction to your home. Pre-engineered to 3m and can handle Australia’s harsh conditions.
Dark grey Modular Fence panels designed and built by Custom Built Fences

With different capping, and painting, and rendering options CBF can design a modular fence to suit your property. For a sleek stylish fence which adds privacy and reduces noise contact our office to arrange an appointment for a no-obligation quote Contact Us through our website or call us on (03) 9874 5102. To view past projects that CBF has completed, visit our Gallery.