Maintenance on your fencing

Maintenance on your new Custom Built Fence is relatively easy, with little to no maintenance required. Each style of fence will require different maintenance with most of the maintenance consisting of cleaning your fence every six months to keep it looking fresh.


Steel Fences:

A steel fence may need to wash down with warm soapy water to remove dust and road dirt every six months. If the powder coating is ever chipped and exposes the steel underneath, then a rust-proof touch-up paint will be required to be applied to protect the steel from rusting.


Brick fences:

Washing down your brick fence every six months with warm soapy water can keep your fence looking new, ensuring that dirt and debris are removed and moss and mould build-up is reduced. From time to time you may find cracks in the mortar from movement in the foundations. This is the nature of brick and mortar, but if the appearance of cracks bothers you can have a bricklayer neaten up the mortar to hide the cracks when required.


Brick-rendered fences:

From time to time you may find chips in the render that may be caused by bumps or cracks that have occurred from movement in the foundations. This is not a fault in the brick/render work it is just a possibility with the way the type of fence moves with the ground, but if it does occur then you may need to consider having the render touched up.



The hinges of a gate should be greased every six months to keep the gate swinging freely without any squeaks. You may wish to use a product like WD40 or another silicon spray.


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