Things to consider when designing your fence

Things to consider when designing your fence
What is the purpose of your new fence?

Before you install a fence, ask yourself what your reason is for installing a fence for your property.

What is the purpose that you want the fence?

For example, Do you a new fence to add security, block out noise, keep pets and children in the yard, improve the street appeal, etc.

What material do you want to design the fence in?
Consider what materials you want to use for your fence, will they suit the style of your house?

Consider what you would like your pillars to be made from.

Are you matching the style of your house?

Does your house have bricks or render to match?

How much visibility do you want through the fence?

For example, If you want the fence for privacy you may choose a modular fence.

What material should you use for your location?

For example, Seaside locations require material that will withstand marine atmospheric corrosion or if you live in a high fire risk area you may consider using fire-resistant materials.

What extra features would you like to add to your fence?

Examples are lights, driveway gates, pedestrian gates, automatic gate openers, intercoms, etc.

Create an entrance

For safety and convenience, consider putting in at least one entrance into a fence. Ensure that one of these is large enough to accommodate bulky outdoor equipment such as a lawn mower, large garbage bins, etc.

How high do you want your fence to be?

Consider if you are using the fence for security or as a boundary. The dollar value and the height of the fence will also determine if a permit is required.

Be a good neighbour

Be open with your neighbours about your fence plans and try not to block their view unnecessarily.
Consider if the fence will be aesthetically pleasing to your neighbours as well as your selves?

How much maintenance do you intend to do on your fence?

Consider the maintenance required for the style of the fence? Try to choose materials that have low maintenance and durability.

Hire professionals to install your fence

Have a professional install your fence as this can have a huge impact on the value of your home.


Will my fence need a permit? Building permits are generally required for construction over 1.2m. Check with your local council.

Installation time frame
When do you want your fence installation complete?

The time frame of completion will vary depending on the permit if required and the size and style of the fence. Ask the sales representative what the expected time frame for installation is.

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