Quality brick fences that are more than just brick fences

Let’s face it, there are different kinds and different qualities to brick fences.

Some are bricks put together, layered and concreted to make a fence. These are just brick fences. There is no particular style or craftsmanship to the brickwork.

These fences are not just brick fences.

It could be a functional fence, but that’s pretty much where it ends. You don’t want to waste your time and money with someone who builds just brick fence pillars and can’t look after the permits and the design side of things too.

How much do you want to pay and how much should a brick fence cost?

Getting value for money

Don’t be tempted to cut costs on your brick fencing. It could cost you much more than you bargained for in the long run.

You may be out of pocket for a faulty alignment or repair work for an unsatisfactory job but you could be billed for a complete knock-down/rebuild of a faulty fence if it doesn’t meet council standards. That is a disaster you don’t need.

There are a number of reasons to go with a team that builds quality custom brick fences.

After all, you are investing your valuable time and money in having a fence that will stand up to the elements and look great for years to come.

Brick Fences are not just brick fences

A brick fence offers you more than just an eye-catching style of fence. It’s important to remember that brick fences offer more than just good looks.

For instance, brick is fireproof. No wonder it is used for building ovens and kilns. If you live in an area that is at any risk of bushfire, then a brick fence could well be the perfect option.

Brick is also very wind resistant. With the increase in wild weather, a brick fence can offer protection for your home against the destructive effects of storms.

These are not just brick fence pillars – they are safeguards for your house and property.

The best brick fences around Melbourne

The best brick fences of Melbourne are nearly always those built by true professionals.

After all, these are not just brick fences, we’re talking about, these are fences that offer privacy and safety, even noise reduction from loud neighbours and the sounds of traffic.

For the best brick fences, Melbourne cost-conscious homeowners know to go with a tried and true name in the business.

Not just someone who can build a basic brick fence, but someone who can deliver a stunning custom brick fence.

Custom Brick Fences in Melbourne

A variety of styles

How much do custom brick fences in Melbourne cost?

It depends on what exactly you want in the style and looks of your brick fencing.

Do you want:

  • A brick fence with custom-built gates
  • Wrought iron lacework inserted into brick pillars
  • A fully rendered brick fence that matches the property
  • A fence to suit your budget

There are many variables to getting a quality brick fence. The most important thing to remember is that the finished product should be both to your complete satisfaction and one that will stand the test of time.

Your quality brick fence

You can’t hide poor craftsmanship especially when it comes to brick fencing. Poorly designed and poorly constructed brickwork betrays itself almost before the cement dries.

You want a quality fencing specialist that uses quality materials.

That’s why asking how much a brick fence costs is just one question.

That’s where Custom Brick Fences stand out from the crowd.

Their quality work runs through everything they do.

They use a combination of bricks and mortar that have been thoroughly mixed and produced to be as impurity-free as possible.

What does that mean?

It guarantees that the materials will stand up to the harshest weather conditions with ease. That’s extra peace of mind and worth more than realise.

The Custom Brick Fences difference

Talk to Custom Brick Fences and you’ll learn what quality brick fences in Melbourne cost, and how easily it is to have an amazing-looking fence that will last for years.

These are not just brick fences. These are the very best in brick fencing made specifically for you and your property.

You can get it happening now.

Contact us here today.