How much will my fence cost?

How much will my fence cost?

All our Custom Built Fences are quoted individually and custom-designed to suit the needs of the customer and the site specifications. At the end of the day, as with everything, you get what you pay for. But to give you an indication of the cost, a fence will cost within the thousands and will vary with what style you choose for your fence, taking into consideration the site variations required for installation.

Small to large fences.

It goes without saying the bigger the fence the more material and civil works involved. But in saying that, Custom Built Fences will work with you to find a more cost-effective design for your fence. There are a few different factors to look at as well, for example, height, site work required, footings, if any permits are required, etc.

Site inspection and Quotation.

All of Custom Built Fences are custom designed for our customers, we will need to come out and look at the site to see where you would like the fence to be situated so that we are clearly informed of all works required for the design and installation of the fence. We then make an assessment and price it up accordingly.

Does my house affect the cost?

In some instances, the aesthetic of your house can really dictate the cost of your fence. Such as, what material your house is made out of. For example, If your house is brick, then you may wish to match the bricks from your house to be used in your fence, or you may wish to use the same render that your house has been rendered with, etc. In which case, this may increase the cost of your fence.

How do the costs of Custom Built Fences compare to our competitors?

In the open marketplace, our customers get the fairest price. We are very competitive in our industry, with our cost and quality. Many customers say to that the quality of Custom Built Fences is great value for the price. The quality of our fences is what we pride our company on.

Custom Built Fences specialise in a large range of custom fences in Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our service includes design permits & construction. We can provide the best design and the best price for your custom fence. Offering custom design fences as well as the popular styles, modular fences, Masonry fences, and Steel fences. We have a vast selection of infill steel fences, including scrolls, rings, and spears tops. As well as a large range of different capping to choose from and different locking options to suit your fence. We offer all custom-built fences — aluminium fences, steel fences, cast iron fences, weatherboard look fences, brick fences, combination fences, rendered fences, gates, as well as custom steel work for domestic or commercial use, such as shopping centres or restaurant barriers and feature work. 

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