Can I install the fence myself?

Can I install the fence myself?

Installing your own fence is not recommended as a range of things can go wrong if you are not trained to perform this type of work. As a fence is a heavy structure that can fall if not installed correctly and can potentially hurt anyone walking past your property, therefore making you legally liable. So it is a necessity for a professional fence installer to install the fence for you.

Building a new fence is a large investment for your property, therefore you want to have it built correctly and to the highest standards. Imagine the headache of having to arrange the civil works yourself, pouring the footings on your own, and then having to arrange materials to be delivered to the site and then trying to put them together! This can be a frustrating process, which can be fraught with errors if doing it yourself.

The installation of your fence requires trained staff, the use of specialised tools and work platforms, and a lot of time. We have highly trained staff who install fences every day, they are specialists in their trade and they have a skill base that comes out of construction, so they know what they are doing. More importantly, they know what NOT to do. We guarantee our workmanship and the installation of your fence will be finished within expectation and satisfaction. If you envision your fence to still be standing in years to come, then it is best for skilled installers to install your fence. Don’t do it yourself, don’t risk it, it’s that simple.

How long does it take for the fence to be installed?

Your fence will typically have three phases of construction. Phase one – Permits and planning. If a permit is required for your fence, once the permit has been approved, which can take up to 5 months, dependent on the council regulations and the permits required. Generally, we will start work on your fence within in a couple of weeks of receiving the permits. Phase two – Masonry Construction. Excavation, bricklaying, and finish. Generally, the length of time for phase two of construction of your fence can take between 1 week to 4 weeks, dependent on the size of the work. Phase three – Steelwork construction and delivery. A final measure will be performed to ensure that the infill panel will be the correct size.

Now bear in mind that weather and unforeseen circumstances play a big part in the final completion date. Our Sales representative will give you an indication of the date that your fence will be due to be completed upon acceptance of the quote.

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