Best automatic gates in Melbourne – An open & shut case

The Automatic Gates Melbourne loves

When it comes to gates – whether they’re automatic driveway gates or automatic sliding gates, you want to be able to trust they will work.

The whole point of any gate is the ease of access. That’s one reason why automatic gates around Melbourne are growing in number and one of the top installers is Custom Built Fences.

Let’s have a look at a couple of automatic gate options.

The benefits of sliding automatic gates

Whether yours is a residential or commercial property, you want to make sure that your boundary is secure.

It is no more important than at the points of entry (and exit).

Automatic sliding gates are one of the top options to choose for your main point of entry.

You get the benefits of:

  • A wider opening – especially for larger vehicles
  • Space saving – as sliding gates take up less area
  • A range of sizes
  • Variety of materials
  • Weather resistant

Automatic sliding gates are a winning choice for residential and commercial properties. They even add value whilst adding a whole level of convenience.

What about electric sliding gates for driveways?

The choice seems a no-brainer.

Picture sitting in the comfort of your own car and pulling up at your home.

In the old days, you would have to brave the cold and possibly pouring rain to get out to open the gate, then get back in your car and drive into your garage or under your carport – THEN – head back down the driveway to close the gate again.

In the heat of Summer, this can be just as torturous. Who wants to get out into the heat of a 40C degree day to open their electric gates?

That’s why electric sliding gates for driveways are so popular.

The look that lasts for fencing

Automatic sliding gates add an extra appeal to a property. They are more attractive than wooden and well-worn than a metal sliding gate. It’s important to remember that other gates need a substantial amount of upkeep, especially undergoing harsh Australian weather conditions.

The addition of automatic electric sliding gates wins out over an ordinary garden gate that will succumb to the stress of weather and time.

Automatic gates are a safe bet

Installing automatic sliding gates puts your security in your own hands – or, to be more precise – at the touch of your finger. You have the benefit of safety and privacy that comes with a quality automatic gate.

Forget the unwanted visitor or being pestered by salespeople. Forget the worries of pets and young children escaping your property and running onto the road or off down the street.

Your remote-controlled automatic gate gives you peace of mind in your very own hands.

It all makes for a more peaceful time to enjoy your home.

Style that matters

Looking up or down a street, you can see which homes are valued by their owners. Whether it’s a well-maintained garden, stylish wrought iron fencing or automatic gates.

An eye-catching fence or gate can make all the difference to the overall look of a property. It is something like the perfect frame for a picture – it enhances and highlights the best things about your home in a subtle but significant way.

The power of an automatic gate

Automatic gates do more than provide security and add to the overall aesthetic appeal. It’s all about putting power into your hands.

The convenience is something everyone can appreciate but the bonus is the way a quality fence and automatic gate help the value of your property appreciate.

It can be a huge selling point for any home in the sales market to have automated gates. That’s just something to keep in mind for the future.

The Custom Brick Fences difference

Looking to have one of the automatic gates Melbourne home and business owners love? Talk to the experts at Custom Brick Fences about getting your gate rolling.

The choice of quality gates is yours to make – automatic driveway gates or automatic sliding gates are the perfect answer for any home.

It’s now easier than ever to have an amazing-looking fence and gate that will last for years. We’ve done it for all of our customers.

You don’t have to dream about having exactly what you want, made specifically for you and your property – the team here at Custom Brick Fences makes it a reality. Ask us how we can help with our service to make your ideal sliding automatic gates.

You can be happy and make it happen now. Contact us here today.