School fencing


School Fencing

Having secure school fencing around a school creates a safe learning environment for the students. It also protects children from running into traffic or wandering off. It also keeps them safe from trespassers and predators.

Strong school fencing means that security is enhanced and there should be clear surveillance of anyone entering or leaving the school grounds.

Quality, well-constructed school fencing is a crucial asset to any school. It can add an element of pride and good standing in the wider community.

The benefits of secure school fencing

The benefits of professionally constructed school fencing include:

  • Security for students and staff
  • Reducing vandalism
  • Preventing trespassers
  • Reducing the risk of arson, breaking & entering and theft
  • Resistance to climbing and getting under the fence (dogs and other animals)

Every parent wants to know that their child is safe and secure once they enter the school grounds and only quality school fencing can provide that peace of mind.


Choosing your local school fencing

Your local school fencing can provide a source of pride to the school’s staff and students.

Choosing the right materials and design will go a long way to adding value to the school and the school grounds.

That’s where the team at Custom Brick Fences can help you find the perfect match to your school’s needs.

It is one thing to have an aesthetically pleasing school fence but it can also be a strong deterrent to unruly behaviour.

By using the right materials, school fencing can be resistant to forced entry and even graffiti.

A durable and weather-resistant fence can be a long-term asset for the school. With the right design aspects, you can avoid the look of an institutionalised style that changes the look of the school into something like a prison.

The Custom Brick Fences difference

Your local school fencing is too important to leave to just anyone. See the professional team at Custom Brick Fences and see the difference in a quality finished project.


We do everything from design and construct school fencing and gates. All done with the quality and craftsmanship that’s become our trademark.


Want to learn more about the school fencing options?

See the team at Custom Brick Fences – Your complete fencing solution specialists.


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