Custom Rendered Fences


Custom Rendered Fences

There are fences, then there’s custom rendered fences. The added charm and styling are sure to add value to your property. Having the best-looking house in the street is easy. With a whole range of choices in rendered fences, Custom Brick Fences are the name to remember. Where do you find the best rendered brick fences Melbourne has on offer? Custom Brick Fencing are the experts in matching the colours and shades of your existing décor of your property with the perfect rendering. Rendered fences give a home a special touch of class with their smooth finish.

Why choose custom rendered fences? Having a fence that combines the best quality and natural strength in brick fencing is yours with Custom Brick Fences. The expert team can apply quality rendering to all surfaces of your fence. It adds an extra layer of protection to your fence from the harsh elements. Matching the colour and shade of your property is easy when the true professionals are on the job. An amazing fence is just a phone call away.

How much does a rendered front fence cost? There is no ‘one-size fits all’, so be wary of anyone who quotes your new fence without going over the details with you.

The Custom Brick Fence Difference

With the advantage of a full-service process, Custom Brick Fences ensures your new fence is expertly designed and constructed to your specific needs.

From your initial enquiry – we take you through every step:

· One on one consultation

· Planning

· Design

· Construction

Our team look after everything you need. Whether it’s custom rendered fences, brick render steel fences, Custom Brick Fences can even install stone facades to your fence, creating a more natural and textured surface. And remember, from plans to permits and building requirements, Custom Brick Fences look after you.

Benefits of rendered fences

Rendered fences offer a look and styling that stands the test of time. Give an instant facelift to your property. If you have a tired and worn looking fence, rendering can work magic to improve the appearance. It’s the perfect way to blend new parts of your home to existing parts and give your whole property a unified character. It’s no wonder there’s a long line of rendered brick fences Melbourne wide. The look is truly something special. Getting a fantastic looking fence is easier than you think.

Get the special look of rendered fences for your home

An amazing new fence can be yours with the expert team at Custom Brick Fences looking after you. How much does a rendered front fence cost? How long will it take to complete? Who can you trust to do the job right? Custom Brick Fences will look after you like no-one else can. The best in custom rendered fences is here for you.

Talk to the experts at Custom Brick Fences – Your complete fencing solution specialists. Contact us today.


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