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Quality Custom Gates & Accessories

Having customised gates fitted to your property is one thing. Having a quality custom gate is something you won’t regret. When it comes to remote control gates and fencing you can’t go past the experts here at Custom Brick Fences. Your property can be enhanced with the most reliable automatic gates Melbourne home and business owners love.

The Benefits of Remote Control Gates

There are many benefits to having your own remote control gates and accessories. The list of advantages includes:

  • Convenience at your fingertips
  • Accessibility in all weather conditions
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Safety

Knowing that you don’t need to look for keys or even get out of your vehicle when you leave or return home is a convenience to enjoy. You can forget the need to get out of your warm car to step out into the freezing cold, wild winds and rain. It’s the same story with a scorching hot day, where you can stay in your air-conditioned comfort and open and close your automatic gates at will. Privacy is something to cherish in the modern way of living. With remote control gates and fencing installed at your place, you have no worry about having to answer the door to intrusive salespeople or unwanted visitors. They won’t be able to enter your property at all.

Your security is in your hands and at the tip of your fingers. You have the ability to choose who and what enters and leaves your property. For safety, you can’t past go past automatic gates. You will give yourself peace of mind by knowing your children and pets are safe. No running on the road or running off down the street. Those days are over with the surety and security of remote control gates and fencing. The value of automatic gates is an open and shut case.

What About Custom Gate Accessories For Your Home?

A quality fence or gate should be matched by the highest-quality fencing accessories. Whether you are after a decorative steel gate, a reliable new automatic gate motor, or any other accessory that makes your fence your very own, we have you covered.  When it comes to quality, you can be sure of the Custom Brick Fences standard because we only source our personalised products from the best manufacturers.

The Automatic Gates for Melbourne

With all the benefits they bring, it’s no wonder there is a growing number of automatic gates Melbourne wide. Who do you see for the best in remote control gates and fencing? Custom Brick Fences has a range of gates that don’t just look good and work well, they suit the style of your property.

An Added Bonus with Decorative Automatic Gates

Another important thing about having your own automatic gates is the added value to your property. Remote control gates are a more attractive option than wooden and well-worn metal gates. The upkeep on other gates is substantial especially under the harsh weather conditions that Melbourne experiences. Just think of the re-sale value of your home with the addition of automatic gates as opposed to an ordinary garden gate that will show the stress of time. Any potential buyer is going to see the benefits of remote control gates and it could well be the tipping point in their purchase decision.

A Steel Fencing Gateway to a New Life

Once you have your own automatic gates installed, you won’t every look back. They add a special charm and convenience that you will appreciate for years to come. For the best in automatic gates in Melbourne wide – talk to the experts here at Custom Brick Fences. We do everything from design and build your new fence, to steel wall panel fence and gates with the quality and craftsmanship that’s become our trademark. Having your new automatic gates starts today.

See the team at Custom Brick Fences – Your complete fencing solution specialists.


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