Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Custom Brick Fences?

We honestly believe we are the best quality fence builders in Melbourne. We pride ourselves in the work we do and strive to do only the best. We go above and beyond with everything we do. We match your fence bricks and style to your home, so the fence becomes a feature increasing the value of your most precious asset, your home.

Why is Custom Brick Fences system better than most of the other companies?

You get the services of a qualified engineer watching over and managing the building of your fence, so you have piece of mind that your new fence will be structurally safe and secure for a long time to come.

Where are you? Am I in your area and will you build my fence?

Yes, we will design and build you a beautiful new fence. We service all areas of the Melbourne Metropolitan area, we travel north, south, east and west of Melbourne to visit you, so no matter if your in Brighton, Glen Waverley, Balwyn or Moonee Ponds we will measure the area for your new fence and give you a quote on whatever type of a fence you would like.

Some questions you might like to ask yourself before we come to visit you may include:

Is there an old fence to be demolished and removed?
What type of a fence do I want?
What material do I want to make my fence out of?
What look do I want to achieve with my new fence?
What features in a fence are important to me?
Is soundproofing qualities or security something that concerns me and something I want?
Do I want a rendered or partially rendered fence?
Is there a particular pattern in the brick work I would like?
What type of bricks do I want, will it match the bricks in my home?
Do I want capping on the top of the fence?
Do I want brick pillars or steel posts?
How many pillars do I require?
Will the pillars have capping on top and what style?
How high is the fence going to be?
Will it be higher than 1200mm and require a council permit?
Will the fence be solid or will I be inserting steel, wrought iron or timber?
Will this iron work be simple and standard or a complicated pattern?
What colours do I want the brick, rendering, steel work, timber or capping?
Do I want a pedestrian gate opening and gate?
Do I have a heritage listing or overlay on your home that will affect your front fence?
What is the depth to the clay in your property as this determine the depth of the footings?
Do I want your gate sliding or centre opening?
Will the driveway gate be automated?
Do I want an intercom for the pedestrian gate?
Is there power accessible for the automation?

As you can see the list of questions go on and are exhaustive, they are very specific for each property, so the price varies considerably from fence to fence and property to property. Remember your fence is an asset for your property and done well it will increase the value of your home, your new fence should leave a lasting impression in the minds of those who see it.

Where do we source our material?

We are all Australian made, our steel is manufactured in Melbourne employing Australians to make your steel work just for you. We do not import from China guaranteeing the quality of products you receive from us.

How much will my new brick fence cost?

It is really hard giving rough price guides for brick fences, there are so many variables to the price.
There is no such thing as a standard brick fence there are so many different variables that affect the price and look of any fence that giving a price is almost impossible sight unseen. What I can say is the price of a brick fence can vary between $800 to $1200+ per meter, when you add other materials in as well this will either lessen or raise that amount depending on the cost of the other material. We suggest you provide us with an outline of your budget so that we can endeavour to find a fencing solution within your price range.

Should I use real timber, Modwood or Aluminium in my front fence, and what is the difference?

Real timber is a beautiful product but it does take a lot of work and care to keep it looking great. Timber needs to be oiled at least every 10 months, however if its is exposed to extreme westerly sun light, it may get bleached and require more frequent oiling. The cost and time involved in the upkeep has to be taken into account when choosing the products your new fence will be made of.

Modwood is recycled sawdust and plastic, sometimes known as a composite product. Although it is weaker than timber, it is still a great product to be used in fences. There is no maintenance to do with Modwood because it doesn’t require you to do anything, its also termite, water and UV resistance, but be aware it still might fade.

Aluminium can also have a timber finish which visually can be hard to see the difference between it and real timber, like Modwood there is no maintenance, but it is also light weight so easy to use and handle, also its fabulous on the hinges of gates and for sliding gates because the wears is reduced with the reduction of weight. Aluminium gates have a reduced tendency to drop over time. Aluminium is great for costal areas as it won’t rust like other metals.

Will a wireless intercom system attached to my front fence work effectively at my house?

Before we install wireless intercoms on exterior gates and fences, we trial the units first to make sure the Wi-Fi signal is sufficient to operate your system, so you will always be assured you will have the best system for your home.


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