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Your new fence maybe your greatest investment.

If first impressions count, then a great looking front fence is essential to create street appeal and increase the value of your major asset, your home.


A new fence adds instant street appeal to your home, it can have the biggest impact on people’s impression of what your home is like and is one of the most important aspects of a home, yet it is often the most overlooked home improvement that homeowners do, even though the effect can have a dramatic result especially when selling. A quality new fence improves the look of your home it can add the biggest wow factor and will add value to your home.


If you’re selling your home you want it to appeal to the largest amount of people possible. A new fence with increased street appeal will create higher demand for your property, you are changing the perceived condition, style or livability of your home, it encourages people to look inside your home as they imagine the inside matching the new and improved outside, potentially attracting more buyers increasing the bidding war and the price of your home.


Front fences can vary in height from 0.8 – 2+ meters, they can also vary considerably in looks, purpose, designs and the materials used in the construction of different types of fences.


Various designs can be accommodated in both brick work and steel inserts. You choose the theme and you can either design it yourself or have one of our designers suggest something they think will suit your new fence and the character of your home.


An important tip for all home owners is to make sure the new fence is in keeping with the architectural style, materials and colour of your home so your new fence blends and enhances the overall appeal of the property, rather than making a bold statement and the fence standing out. Your new fence should be attractive to the property and a talking point, in a good way.


Your new fence may :



There are lots of choices for fences so take some time thinking about what it is you really want and ask yourself with others like this too so your new fence adds appeal to your property.

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